On receiving a bottle of our 2003, and another of our as yet unreleased 2017, Adam Wells has written this remarkable piece at ‘Malt’… https://malt-review.com/2020/05/16/bollhayes-2017-and-2003/?fbclid=IwAR3GVPMZp9XP87nxZJNb1JbrEEkTK2Je7O6MOhE9lOwihGKNUBEcRd266-4

For further reviews of our ciders together with a pantheon of the worlds finest cider makers go to https://cider-review.com/

Events and Tastings coming up…

  • 27 July Kingsbridge Market
  • 30-31 July Tavistock Butchers Hall
  • 6 August Minehead Farmers Market
  • 7 August South Molton Pannier Market
  • 14 August Bristol Cider Salon and Dartmouth Farmers Market
  • Every Thursday, Exeter Farmers Market, Corner of Fore Street and South, 9am-1pm

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